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Short Term Independent Study

If your student is taking an extended leave of absence for a medical procedure, family emergency, etc. please complete the request form for a Short-Term IS Contract. 
Quick Facts:
  • Short-Term IS Contracts are to be utilized for a leave of absence ranging from 5 to 15 school days.
  • A student is not to take more than 15 days on Short-Term IS in a school year. 
  • All work must be completed and turned in no later than the student's set return week. 
  • If work is not completed and turned in student will not receive credit for attendance and will be marked as "Verified Unexcused" which will result in truancy.
  • Request for contracts should be made a minimum of a week in advance. 
Questions and concerns can be addressed to Ms. Ross our Short-Term Independent Study Lead at her e-mail [email protected]