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2023 Open House Schedule

Our schools are excited to open the school doors for families and the community to visit and learn about and see the great teaching and learning in action. Our spring Open House dates for all MPUSD schools is now available.

Did you miss our recent Scholar Athlete Seminar Panel?!

On August 25th, we hosted our first Scholar Athlete Seminar Panel in partnership with CSUMB and GEAR UP. Students were able to engage with former Seaside High School Alum who have gone on to play intercollegiate athletics and gain insight into pursuing an athletic career at the college level.
Drug Awareness English

MPUSD Drug Awareness Family Event

Join MPUSD and Sun Street Centers on Friday, April 14 for an educational and informative evening to help families better understand the realities of drug and alcohol use among youth in our community.
Fentanyl alert english

State alerts schools leaders about new brightly-colored fentanyl

Fentanyl, an extremely potent and dangerous synthetic opioid, continues to be a major contributor to drug overdoses in California, including among youth. The state alerted education leaders this week reminding them about the concerning trends of opioid overdoses and warning them about a new brightly-colored fentanyl.
Elementary School Front Page Fact Sheet English

What is standards-based grading?

The Monterey Peninsula Unified School District provides rigorous, student-centered, and engaging learning experiences for every student. Learn more about what your child's report card looks like.
EF Tours 2024 Eng.

Spring Break 2024 International EF Tour

Join us for an exciting adventure of traveling abroad to Italy & Greece for Spring 2024. An informational meeting is to be held on November 15th at 5 pm. See the flyer for more info!
CalKIDS program Featured Photo

CalKIDS program

CalKIDS is a state program that gives children in California a jump start on saving for college.

The State of California is proud to announce the launch of the California Kids Investment and Development Savings Program (CalKIDS). CalKIDS gives children in California a jump start on saving for college or career training. To be eligible for CalKIDS, participants must be:

Born in California on or after July 1, 2022; or

An eligible low-income public school student in grades 1-12* in California.

All participants receive a seed deposit in a CalKIDS account to help pay for future education after high school.

“Education is the gateway to opportunity for all California kids. Once a mind is stretched, it can never go back.”

—Gavin Newsom, Governor of California

*Please note that eligibility for low-income public school participants is defined by the Local Control Funding Formula.

Important Notice: California Healthy Youth Act

This email is being sent to all 9th grade parents and students; however, some 9th graders may be taking this in Freshman Seminar: Health and Wellness during Fall 2021 (Semester 1) while some students will be taking the Freshman Seminar: Health and Wellness in Spring 2022 (Semester 2)

9th Grade Families:

We want to make you aware that California state law, the California Healthy Youth Act, (CHYA), requires that comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education be provided to students at least once in middle school or junior high school and once in high school, starting in grade 7. Students in 9th grade will be receiving instruction (Health Smart curriculum from ETR publication) as one part of their semester-long Freshman Seminar: Health and Wellness course (depending on your child’s schedule, they may be offered this in the current fall 2021 semester or the spring 2022 semester).
Instruction site timelines may vary throughout the year, but we want to ensure that parents/guardians understand they have an opportunity to view the instructional materials and opt out of this specific CHYA instruction in writing to their school principal. Students and parents may opt out of this portion of the course (roughly 4 days) not the entire course. Students who are opting out, may have alternative, personalized assignments during this time.

For 9th graders who are enrolled in Freshman Seminar: Health and Wellness this semester, the curriculum covering the CHYA related materials will be provided by their teacher in this course. Students will engage in this material in November- December of 2021. Those students who are in Freshman Seminar: Health and Wellness in the second semester will have this material in April-March of 2022.

You may preview the materials through the Health Smart links below. If families desire a K-12 comprehensive look at the curriculum, parents can access a 30-day free trial on the Health Smart publisher website (ETR homepage) and request it.

9th Grade Resources:

9th Grade HealthSmart High School Alignment

Understanding the HealthSmart Approach to Health Education - Part 1
HealthSmart: Putting Health Ed Research into Action - Part 2
Teaching Knowledge and Skills the HealthSmart Way – Part 3
HealthSmart Curriculum Overview (Parent Access to Materials)
How to “Opt Out”

If you have questions or you feel this CHYA curriculum does not align with your family wishes, you can opt out in writing to your principal before instruction no later than October 15, 2021.

If you have any questions, or need more information around specific content or materials, please connect with your Freshman Seminar: Health and Wellness teacher and/or site administrator.

Recent Highlights

MPUSD to recognize Autism Acceptance Month in April Featured Photo

MPUSD to recognize Autism Acceptance Month in April

During the month of April, MPUSD will recognize Autism Acceptance Month and share more information with our community about what it means to be autistic from the perspective of students who are willing to share their stories.