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Welcome to the SHS MakerSpace Library

Library Media Specialist

Makerspace Coordinator

Mrs. Jenelle Newman
(831) 392-3530 Ext. 2042
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Library Hours:

M-F 9am-4:00pm
Student Technology
Each student will be responsible for the maintenance and safety of the device and will be given a charger to use at home. The students should bring the Chromebook to school with them every day and to make sure that it is fully charged and ready to be used.
Use of the technology at home is the family’s decision and I want to be clear that students will be able to bring the device home; if you as a family want to restrict the usage of the device at home, that is your decision.
Through the MPUSD leasing agreement and insurance policy, if the Chromebook is damaged, the student can bring the broken laptop into the library and exchange it for a new one for $70. If the Chromebook is stolen, a police report must be filed with the appropriate law enforcement agency to get a new Chromebook for the same $70 charge. If the Chromebook is lost, the student will be responsible for the full replacement cost. Charger replacements will cost $35. More information can be found in the 1:1 Student Technology Device Agreement
The MPUSD is in the process of greatly enhancing and improving the internet bandwidth to ensure connectivity for every student across campus. In addition, students will be able to use wireless connection at any available network location, including at home.
Like a textbook, Chromebooks will be checked out to the student by their student ID number.
Students will be receiving log-in information prior to receiving the Chromebook. These log-ins will be the same as their MPUSD Gmail log-in. For new students and returning students, information will be given on how to either set up their log-in information, or reset if they have forgotten it. Please make sure they do this before receiving their Chromebook.

Replacement Textbooks

Replacement textbooks can be purchased on,, or Textbook Warehouse.
They will need to be in very good condition.
No writing, no water damage or missing pages


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