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The Electives listed in this area are CTE Electives. There are also a number of electives in Fine Arts, Physical Education, Social Studies, World Languages & Electives. Please refer to the department list on the left to see electives in other areas.


Course Code: 2586                       

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12        Credits: 10                UC/CSU:

Prerequisite: English 9 CP

The Applied Communications course is one-year, rhetoric and composition course for students in grades 9 through 12 enabling them to read and write academic prose effectively and strategically and to increase their  oral and written mastery of academic language.  This elective course is built around in-depth studies of various expository, analytic, or argumentative writing on nonliterary topics and the rhetorical analysis of lengthier non-fiction genres, such as speeches and discourse important social and historical events and movements. Essential to the curriculum is the deepening of students’ critical reading, writing, and thinking skills about both expository and narrative prose with the emphasis on fostering their ability to argue and extend their understanding of complex material in writing and oration.  Students will be expected to engage in depth with diverse and challenging expository and narrative texts in an analytical way and in a variety of contexts for informal and formal writing and discourse.  In addition, they will be expected to increase their awareness and application of the techniques employed by the speakers and the purpose and application of this discourse. Students will read closely to examine the relationship between an author’s argument or theme and his or her audience and purpose, to analyze the impact of structural and rhetorical strategies, and to examine the social, political, and philosophical assumptions that underlie the text.  Assessment is both oral and written and will include teacher, peer and self evaluation.  



Course Code: 8641                       

Grade Level: 10                   Credits: 10                UC/CSU: Yes

Prerequisite: The successful completion of Biology, Algebra II, and Chemistry (or completion of Biology and concurrent enrollment in Chemistry and Algebra II).    

This class is for students who wish to learn biotechnological techniques and to work independently on a science project involving laboratory and library research. The class is designed for students who are resourceful, responsible, patient and interested in pursuing a career in science. 

In the first semester, students will learn lab techniques in biotechnology and keep a detailed lab notebook.  The first semester grade will include lab practical exams and lab notebook checks. The second semester will begin with continued mastery of lab techniques followed by performing independent projects, which will be extensions and further research of the techniques learned first semester.  This course is designed to give students experience in some of the fundamental biotechnological techniques used in biological research and industry. This course receives A-G credit as elective credit. 



Course Code: 8866                       

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12        Credits: 10                UC/CSU:

Prerequisite: None

Cinema Arts & Production is an ROP/CTE foundation course for students interested in film and video arts. Students learn technical and industry aspects of video/film production as well as film history, theory, analysis, aesthetics, artistry and appreciation. Using digital cameras, iMovie, iDVD, Photobooth and Garageband, students will film, edit, and provide sound to make their own videos.  



Course Code: 8510            

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12        Credits: 10                UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: None

This course will provide high school students with an introduction to the growing field of green careers including alternative energy (solar, wind, etc.), green architecture and construction, LEED building certification, waste management, sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and restoration, water resources, green retail, and others.  During the one school year course, students will participate in a combination of interactive classroom instruction, and learning experiences with local green businesses and organizations. Curriculum will emphasize a global view of environmental studies and resource ecology, striving for environmental literacy. Program will be enhanced with guest speakers and presenters, skill trainers, field trips, and community service opportunities.  



Course Code: 88570/88575   

Grade Level: 11, 12        Credits: 10             UC/CSU: Yes

Prerequisite: Algebra 1 and Biology 1 with “C” or better or instructor approval.

This course introduces the student to the fundamental concepts of anatomy & physiology and provides opportunities for further development of the student’s knowledge of science.  Throughout the course, anatomy and physiology is emphasized, including pathology and sports medicine.  Course topics include anatomy, physiology, CPR and First Aid Training.  Acquisition of knowledge and understanding will be evaluated through quizzes, tests, video projects, research projects, and laboratory activities. 



Course Code: 8642                       

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12        Credits: 10                UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: None

This course provides entry-level training at both the beginning and advanced levels in technical writing, reading of technical materials, computer work processing, desktop publishing, photography, and computer imaging. The course covers the techniques used in technical writing, professional layout, page design, editing, proofing, quality assurance and final publication as well as educating the students about a variety of jobs that require knowledge of technical writing and reading.

Course Descriptions for the remainder of the CTE Courses are coming soon!!!


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