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Course Code: 5570                       

Grade Level: 9, 10              Credits: 10                UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: Required for all 9th grade students.

The theme for the PE – I (9th grade) Core Physical Education student is “Fitness Programs for a Healthy Lifestyle”. The standards aligned curriculum will provide development of motor skills, physical fitness and prepare students to complete the California Fitness Gram. The 9th grade core program will teach rules, strategies, conflict resolution skills, respect for diversity and safety as it relates to each activity. The 9th grade core program is designed to promote a student’s positive self‐image and develop socially desirable behavior. 



Course Code: 5500                       

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12        Credits: 10                UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: None

The theme for the PE–II (10‐12 grade) physical education student is “awareness to healthy fitness standards and pursuing excellence toward those standards”. The adopted curriculum will provide opportunities for continued improvement in students’ performance and fitness level. Students will be encouraged to apply their knowledge of exercise physiology, planning and pursuing life styles conducive to maintaining optimum health. The course is designed to promote a student’s positive self‐image, develop socially desirable skills and create opportunities for leadership among their peers. 



Course Code: 5511             

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12        Credits: 5/semester            UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: Must pass PE I or PE II to be eligible.

This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to continue developing personal habits of Physical Fitness through daily class sessions incorporating weight training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, speed and agility. Students will be able to assess their progress throughout the course and develop an understanding of biomechanics and basic kinesiology. Students will have the opportunity to track, evaluate and monitor their own personal health and fitness plan. 



Course Code: 5541            

Grade Level: 11, 12              Credits:10 (elective)            UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: 20 units of PE. 

This course is designed as an elective class for students seriously interested in daily resistance training. Weight machines and free weights will be utilized. 



Course Code: 9860                       

Grade Level: 9-12               Credits: 10                UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: An interest in ROTC.

ROTC is designed to guide students toward success in high school and beyond by stressing personal responsibility, ethics, and the importance of service to the community and the nation. Cadets are taught communication skills, history, current events, technology awareness, citizenship, and physical fitness. ROTC provides an incentive to live a drug free life, an appreciation for the military services and their accomplishments, an opportunity to work as a member of a team, and encouragement to graduate from high school. It teaches leadership skills like how to motivate others and personal skills like how to study, take tests, and interview for jobs. Students can earn tangible rewards for accomplishments including promotions, ribbons, medals, honors, and appointments to leadership positions. Combat skills are not taught and there is no military obligation incurred by participating in the program. ROTC is not specifically a recruitment program for the Armed Services, but students wishing to pursue the military may qualify for substantial benefits including scholarships. 



Course Code: 9870                       

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12        Credits: 10                UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: ROTC 1st Year

ROTC 2nd Year will provide each student with many challenges and opportunities designed to: sharpen communication skills, promote citizenship, enhance leadership skills, enhance self esteem, improve physical fitness, and promote graduation from high school. 



Course Code: 9880                       

Grade Level: 11, 12              Credits: 10                UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: ROTC 2nd Year

Cadets in this class receive intermediate level instruction and guidance in personal communications and leaderships skills while studying history, geography, nutrition, health, and physical fitness. ROTC is designed to guide students toward success in high school and beyond by stressing personal responsibility, ethics, and the importance of service to the community and the nation. Cadets are required to wear the JROTC dress uniform and a physical fitness uniform (nominal fee for individual shirt). Cadets can earn tangible rewards for accomplishments including promotions, ribbons, medals, honors, and appointments. ROTC is not a recruitment program and students do not incur any type of military commitments. However, assistance is available to qualifying students wish to apply for ROTC admission and scholarship at the college level. Extracurricular activities include a Color Guard team used at school and local functions. 



Course Code: 9890                       

Grade Level: 12                   Credits: 10                UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: ROTC 3rd Year

Students are introduced to resolving conflicts within groups. Students study responsibility of senior officers. Students are prepared for college, job market, or military service through resume writing or ASVAB testing. Students are taught the importance of registering for selective service. Students write research papers to prepare them for teaching lessons and the actual delivery of instruction to his/her fellow students. Students also continue physical education. 



Course Code: 9850                       

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12        Credits:10 (elective)            UC/CSU: No

Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in ROTC

The ROTC Color Guard is formed from exceptional cadets and represents the Cadet Corps and the school at competitive and civic events throughout the year.



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