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Counseling Philosophy

Counseling Philosophy

Seaside High School Counselor's believe:

  1. All students have the right to be heard, valued and respected
  2. Each student is their own person and has their own set of unique life circumstances that inform their story
  3. All students are capable of learning and growing as individuals and as members of  their communities
  4. Schools have the responsibility to provide equitable opportunities for all students
  5. School needs to be a safe and nurturing environment for all students
  6. All students deserve to have a leader and advocate that they trust
  7. All students deserve to be prepared for a variety of postsecondary options and avenues for success

Seaside High School Counseling Department Mission Statement

The Seaside High College Career Counseling Department is dedicated to helping all students achieve their highest potential. Our counseling programs work with students, parents and guardians, school staff, and community members to provide academic, college and career, personal and social counseling services that are comprehensive and developmentally appropriate. Services are provided to maximize the academic achievement of all students and promote the necessary skills, attitudes, and beliefs for all students to graduate prepared to effectively manage future challenges in a 21st century society.

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