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About SHS

Seaside High School is a secondary school located in Seaside, California. The school first opened in September of 1963 to Sophomores and Juniors (incoming Seniors continued to attend Monterey High School until graduation), graduating its first class in June of 1965.

Average annual enrollment is 1,200 students, attending grades 9–12. The school serves the communities of Seaside, Monterey, Marina, Sand City, and Del Rey Oaks. Its student body reflects the region's diversity of language, ethnicity, nationality, and cultures.
The school mascot is the Spartan 
Seaside High School is located in Seaside and is one of four 9th through 12th grade high schools in Monterey Peninsula Unified School District.  Seaside High School’s vision is to prepare students for life in the 21st Century by meeting individual needs through equal access to an integrated curriculum.  All students are encouraged to become life-long learners committed to the pursuit of knowledge.  All students are taught to appreciate and understand the richness of multicultural diversity and global awareness.


Empowering our community to be makers of a better world through project-based learning, technology, and grit


Grit x (PBL+Tech) = Spartan PRIDE