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To enroll students for any grade level please bring the following documents:

  • Parent/Guardian must bring a valid photo ID.

If the student is not living with a parent, a Caregiver Affidavit will need to be obtained from Pupil Support Services @ 392-3914

  • Birth Certificate, (Passport is also acceptable) to verify the student’s name and age.
  • Immunization Record– New students will not be enrolled unless a written immunization record, provided by a physician or the health department, is presented at the time of enrollment with the following (up- to-date) immunizations:

Polio: 4 doses

  • Age 4-6: 3 doses if one was given after the 4th birthday
  • Age 7-17: 3 doses if one was given after the 2nd birthday

DTP, DTaP, DT, TD:  5 doses

  • Age 4-6: 4 doses if one was given on or after 4th birthday
  • Age 7-17: 3 doses if one given on or after the 2nd birthday

Tdap: 1 dose – NO SHOT, NO SCHOOL

  • grade 7-12 only
  • requirement is for all enrolled students beginning in 2011
  • dose must be on or after 7th birthday

MMR:  2 doses

  • Both doses given on or after the first birthday

Hepatitis B: 3 doses

  • all ages: 3 doses


  • Age 5-12: 1 dose
  • Age 13-18: 2 doses
  • Proof of residence-utility bill or rent receipt dated within the last 30 days.  Cell phone bills are not acceptable.  District requires that we verify the student’s home address with a gas or electric bill, rent or lease agreement, or resident  statement. The bill must be in the parent’s name. If the bill is in another person’s name, then you will need to contact Pupil support Services @ 392-3914 for further assistance.
  • Students entering grades 10-12 from outside the MPUSD MUST provide a transcript and drop/withdrawal grades from their previous high school so we can properly enroll them in classes and give them credit for previous high school classes they have completed. (All records must be translated into English)  

Enrollment packet containing additional forms will be provided on site and must be completed by both parent and student at time of registration.




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